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Comfort zone 

August 05, 2013

There comes a point in a developer’s life where you’ve done too many side projects. You’ve started one, you’ve completed the prototype, and you’ve shelved it. And now, you don’t even start them anymore. You can pretty much map out how the whole thing would be done, so why bother actually building it? Where’s the challenge?

I’ve reached that point. I’ve done too many side projects which stayed on the shelf. I’ve done this many times, staying within my comfort zone and just doing what I know I can do.

So, I’m forcing myself outside of it! I’ve just completed my latest side project, Being a programmer for a long time, I’ve never really dabbled with design or UX. So I got myself a sketch pad and got drawing.

Now that I have my MVP completed, it’s time to work on the next part of an application’s life cycle: marketing and user acquisition.

I haven’t got a clue what in doing. And I couldn’t be more excited!

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